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Travel Funding Procedure and Rules

If your travel is funded by CliC, please read this carefully as you will find important information on our funding procedure and rules.

Notifications of funding allocations are sent to organizers/activity leads by early April (ideally). Once the CliC International Project Office (IPO) receives the names of participants who should be funded to attend a conference, meeting, or workshop, we will begin working with organizers and participants to arrange travel, etc. All CliC funded participants are required to produce a FrostByte each time they receive funding.

The CliC IPO has two ways of allocating funds. We can either book the flights and hotels directly and pay in advance or we can reimburse travellers afterwards. The CliC IPO makes the decision in conjunction with the workshop organizers as to which way is most efficient. We will inform you of which method has been selected when we first in get in touch with you.

If the CliC IPO is reimbursing you after you travel

We will provide you with the travel claim form and instructions on how to fill it out. It has to be sent back to Gwenaelle Hamon by email within 30 days after the workshop was held at the latest. You must provide scans of boarding passes, flight and hotel reservations, food and taxi receipts, depending on what is being reimbursed. In some cases, we will need the original copies. You also must attach a scan of the card receipt for the items paid by card, if any, as well as a scan of the credit card used (showing only the last four digits) of the card used or a bank statement showing the actual charge. Feel free to redact your personal charges on the statement. If you are not a Norwegian citizen nor a Norway resident, you must provide a scan of the photo page of your passport as well. If you are a Norwegian resident, your fødselsnummer or D-nummer will be enough.

You must provide the following bank information:
Name of the account holder
IBAN number for the account
Name and address of the bank
Bank code (BIC or SWIFT), bank routing number, or ABA number (for USA)

Being based in Norway, we work in Norwegian Kroner (NOK). If the items to be reimbursed were paid for in another currency, the currency exchange rate of the date of purchase will be used based on the OANDA website rate. The CliC IPO is doing this calculation for you. Please be aware that depending on the currency fluctuations, the amount that you paid may not be the exact same as what you get back. The bank fees that may occur when wiring the money back to your bank account will not be covered by CliC. Typically, we won’t process reimbursements for less than USD 200 because these extra charges can sometimes be high compared to the reimbursement amount (we prefer to pre-pay your travel if its less than 200 USD).

The person paying for the trip (the owner of the card used) should claim for reimbursement and fill out the form, indicating the name of the traveller as well as the workshop attended. If an entity paid for the trip (e.g. University bank account etc.), an invoice should be submitted to the Climate and Cryosphere Project. Please download the invoice template with the mandatory information needed to be processed quickly. If you fall under either of these two areas, please contact the CliC Office before you start booking your travel.

Please note that the more thoroughly filled out your travel claim is, the faster your money will come back to your account.

If your travel is booked by the CliC IPO directly

We will be in touch with you individually to find the best itinerary and hotel for you at reasonable prices. Once you approve your itinerary and hotel dates, any charge that may occur in case of changes to the reservation will have to be covered by you. CliC will only pay for the approved itinerary and number of hotel nights agreed upon.

If you miss your flight because your previous flight was delayed and wasn’t on the same reservation, you may re-book a new ticket but must find the cheapest way to reach the workshop destination and not make any other changes to the reservation. If possible, please try to get in touch with us before making any changes. If you can’t, please call our travel agent 24/7 help line at: +47 77 64 82 82. We will only consider covering change fees in very unique situations and on a case by case basis.

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Please think about the environment before travelling :)