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GlacierMIP Meeting(s)

GlacierMIP Meeting at AGU 2017
December 2017, New Orleans, USA

GlacierMIP Meeting at the IGS/IACS/CliC International Symposium on the Cryosphere in a Changing Climate

17 February 2016, Wellington, New Zealand

At the meeting of the GlacierMIP participants in Wellington on February 17, 2017, the progress of phase I of GlacierMIP was reported, and basic decisions for phase II were made.
In phase I, existing projections for global glacier mass change were compiled are being analyzed jointly. This will allow a first consensus estimate of future glacier mass change of the glacier modeling community and highlight the key differences of the response of individual glacier models to the different CMIP5 scenarios. Preliminary results have been presented at several international meetings, including the IGS/IACS/CliC International Symposium on The Cryosphere in a Changing Climate, at which the GlacierMIP meeting was held.
In phase II of the project, dedicated projections of glacier mass loss will overcome the problem of inconsistent initial conditions used by the individual glacier models, as well as increase the comparability between the models, by maximizing the overlap of CMIP5 experiments used as boundary condition. While some of the glacier models that participate in phase I will not be able to continue in phase II because of lack of funding and/or job changes of the developers, newly developed models will join, so that a total of six to seven global, and three to four regional, models (depending on funding decisions) confirmed their participation.
The next meeting of the GlacierMIP project is planned to take place at the AGU Fall Meeting 2017, where the progress of phase II will be discussed.

GlacierMIP meeting at AGU

16 December 2015
San Francisco, CA, USA

GlacierMIP Kick-off Meeting

26 and 27 June 2015
Prague Congress Center, Prague, Czech Republic