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AWI/CliC Science Symposium

The AWI/CliC Science Symposium 5 February 2013 Potsdam, Germany.

MDrinkwater- Watch this Space: Recent ESA Cryospheric Science Highlights.pdf
BDiekmann- Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI): An Introduction.pdf
GAsrar- The Role of Climate Science in Global Development.pdf
BDiekmann- Introduction to the Alfred Wegener
GAsrar- The Role of Climate Services in Global
VRachold- International Cryospheric Research in the
MSparrow- A View Beyond the Horizon: Future Directions in Antarctic
GFlato- CliC and Its Role in
VKattsov- Cryosphere in a Changing
DDahl-Jensen- The Past and Future of the Greenland Ice
KDethloff- Arctic Climate System Modeling from an Atmospheric
HLantuit- Permafrost and Climate
NKoc- Arctic Sea Ice & Freshwater Outflows; Status, Prospects and
NKoc- Arctic sea ice and freshwater outflows- status, prospects and impact.pdf
HLantuit- Permafrost and climate change.pdf
GFlato- CliC and its role in WCRP.pdf
MSparrow- A view beyond the Horizon: Future directions in Antarctic Science.pdf