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SOOS Seeing Below the Ice workshop

Seeing below the ice workshop
Organized by Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS)
22-25 Oct, 2012
Hobart, Australia.

Session 4-National activities and international programmes not covered in previous talks
KHeywood-Role of isotopes and tracer measurements
ABowen-Tethered ROV
AJenkins- Role of AUV
MDzieciuch-Acoustic tomography
WMunk-Acoustic probing of the ocean wedge under an ice sheet
LBoehme-Combining Argo and seal data
MHindell-Using tagged animals to measure the ocean under sea ice
SPiotrowicz- Argo plans
OBoebel- Acoustic tracking of profiling floats
SRiser and BOwens-Strategies for deployments in the sea-ice zone
SAckley- Sea-ice drifters
KNicholls- Moornings and bore holes - new technologies
KHeywood- Gliders, drifters, moornings
CLee- Gliders under ice
BGalton-Fenzi-Observations needed for testing high res models of ocean-ice shelf interaction
BGalton-Fenzi-Quantifying contributions to the Southern Ocean freshwater balance
DHolland-What is needed to measure ocean-ice shelf interaction?
KNicholls-Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf processes
LHerraiz-Borreguero-Lessons from AMISOR
AJenkins & AWahlin-Ocean-ice shelf interactions in the Amundsen/Bellingshausen
SRintoul- Polynya Observations
AOrsi- Observation of the Ross Sea
MMata-NW Weddell Sea
SØsterhus-Measuring continental shelf waters
OBoebel-A straw-man observing system
SRiser-Under ice observing system for the Ross Sea
SAckley-- What measurements do we need to understand Antarctic sea ice
ANGarabato - Observing heat and freshwater budgets of the Southern Ocean sea ice zone
JToole-Lessons from the Arctic Observing System: Ice Tethered Profilers - Arctic lessons and Antarctic potential
SRintoul- Seeing under the ice: a strategy for observing the Southern Ocean beneath sea ice and ice shelves