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CliC SSG 11 in Boulder

CliC Scientific Steering Group 11 Meeting Report
J Renwick: EC-PORS
J Kay: Polar Climate Feedbacks
G Flato: CliC SSG 11
D Dahl-Jensen: Greenland Ice Sheet
D Lawrence: Permafrost in ESMs
W Meier: WDAC
R Hock: IACS
M Patterson: US CLIVAR
M Serreze: NSIDC
M Holland: PPP and YOPP
L Hinzman: IASC
J Alexander: SPARC
J Key: GCW
D Bromwich: SCAR
D Carlson: WCRP
C Deser: Climate Data Guide
A Bradley: APECS
S Nowicki: ISMIP6 Plans
S Nowicki: An Introduction to ISMIP6
R Hock: GlacierMIP
L Talley: SORP
G Flato: Cryosphere Grand Challenge
J Cassano: Polar CORDEX
G Stephens: GEWEX
D Stammer: Sea Level Grand Challenge
D Holland: MISOMIP
C Bitz: PCPI
A Pope: Southern Ocean Satellite Needs
T Schuur: Permafrost Carbon Network
R Massom: Cryosphere Interations
W Meier: Sea Ice Prediction Network
M Raphael: ASPeCt
L Hinzman: Arctic Freshwater Synthesis
J Baeseman: CliC Project Office Update
H Eicken: Arctic Sea Ice Working Group
H Eicken: SEARCH
G Flato: CliC Overview
E Hanna: Linkages
B Otto-Bleisner: Climate and Gloval Dynamics
A Slater: ESM SnowMIP
A Jahn: Sea Ice and Climate Modeling Forum