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ESA-CliC-EGU Earth Observation and Cryosphere Science

The ESA-CliC-EGU Earth Observation and Cryosphere Science Conference took place from 13th to 16th November 2012 at the Italian center of the European Space Agency, ESRIN. The conference aimed to provide a forum for world-class scientists to present new research results and focus on and discuss future challenges on EO technology for cryosphere science.

We ask participants to upload poster presentations in advance of the conference to provide a legacy archive and allow others to view posters ahead of time to be prepared for lively discussions with authors and presenters. Be sure to check out the poster programme for the meeting too!

Please upload posters as pdfs. If you have any troubles, contact the CliC IPO.

NChampollion- Hoar crystal development and disappearance at Dome C, Antarctica: observation by near-infrared photography and passive microwave satellite
MZygmuntowska- Waveform analysis of Ku-Band radar altimeter data over arctic sea ice
FGirard-Ardhuin- Sea ice satellite products available at Ifremer/CERSAT
DClifford- Impact of snow on the Arctic Ocean in a climate model
DClifford- Investigating the relationship between Eurasian snow and the Arctic Oscillation with satellite data and models
MKern- Scientific preparations for the Candidate Earth Explorer 7 mission CoReH2O
SRose- Arctic Tides from GPS on Sea-ice / Poster
VKonovalov- Dynamics and regionalization of Central Asian glaciers by remote sensing data
RHurkmans- Mass change estimates for the Antarctic ice sheet from satellite altimetry
KLangley- CryoSat cal/val Activities on Austfonna
AMichel- Investigation on the Envisat altimetric height error over the Antarctic ice sheet: comparison with Icesat data on crossover points
ADehecq- Evaluation of CryoSAT-2 for height retrieval over the Himalayan range
ADehecq- Evaluation of CryoSAT-2 for height retrieval over the Himalayan range
EMaksimovich- 20 years of the ocean wind record in the marginal Arctic Seas
MBrogioni- Analysis of The Spatial and Temporal Features of The East-Antarctic Plateau by means of Multifrequency Microwave Emission Data
LAndrea- Comparison between velocities of the Drygalski Ice Tongue (Antarctica) obtained with Cosmo-SkyMed and ERS Tandem Pairs
RScharien- Spring-summer first-year sea ice geophysical and biophysical information from polarimetric C-band radar: early results
VDjepa- Antarctic sea ice thickness retrieval, possible limitations, uncertainties and recommendations
TNagler- Monitoring Snow, Glaciers and Lake Ice Using Earth Observation Data in the GMES Project Cryoland
KSteffen- CliC Keynote in Frascati 2012
KScharrer- Validation and inter-comparison of ice velocity fields from SAR data – Results of the ESA glacier-cci Round Robin experiments
CD'Agata- Evaluation of volume and thickness changes occured at some selected Chilean glaciers in the timeframe 2000-2011
JLandy- Linkages between thermodynamic processes operating within landfast, seasonal sea ice and SAR signatures during the Arctic melt season: methods, observations and preliminary results
NHughes- Classification of Arctic sea ice with combined C- and L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar
NHughes- Dual-Polarisation SAR Sea Ice Type Classification and Iceberg Detection in the western Fram Strait
MKaminski- IceBridge Airborne Mission Data and Services at the National Snow and Ice Data Center
FHüsler- A satellite-based snow cover climatology for the European Alps derived from AVHRR data (1985-2011)
SAdams- The observation of the thin-ice thickness distribution within the Laptev Sea polynya using MODIS data
ADietz- European Snow Cover Characteristics between 2000 and 2011 derived from improved MODIS daily snow cover products
NNeckel- Analyses of dynamics of Purogangri ice cap (Central Tibetan Plateau) by means of SAR interferometry
FParmiggiani- Comparison of Terra Nova Bay Polynya Extent as measured by Envisat/ASAR and Cosmo-Skymed Images
LGray- Using the CryoSat Interferometric Swath Mode for Glacial Ice Topography
ARoyer- Improvements in snow monitoring using a coupled snow evolution – microwave emission model
Vu Phan- Geometric links between Tibetan lakes and glacial runoff
DFloricioiu- Geophysical parameters of outlet glaciers in the Transantarctic Mountains from TerraSAR-X
THollands- Comparison of local sea ice motion at a polynia from SAR observations and model simulations
KSemmens- Detecting Changes in Melt Regime Patterns and Melt Dynamics of Icefields Using Passive Microwave Brightness Temperatures
YGauthier- Documenting local ice dynamics around Nunavik’s marine infrastructures through remote sensing and local knowledge
CMicheli- Assessing Phytal Pigment Content in Polar Ecosystem Community by Remote Sensing and in situ Investigation
VBarth- Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System (SIOS)
BYurchak- An Exponential Model of Radar Altimeter Waveform