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ESA - Earth Observations and Arctic Science Priorities

ESA-CliC Earth Observation and Arctic Science Priorities
CliC-ESA Meeting Abstracts of Presentations
S Bacon: Arctic freshwater balance (and impact on global ocean circulation)
S Gerland: In situ calibration and validation of sea ice and snow on sea ice satellite products
R Forsberg: Opportunities and challenges of the synergistic use of data and techniques: Greenland ice sheet mass balance
N Gourmelen: Fine Ice Sheet margins topography from swath processing of CryoSat SARIn mode date
J Bamber: STSE CryoSat+ Cryosphere Study Regional glacial isostatic adjustment and CryoSatelevation rate corrections in Antarctica (REGINA)
J Bouman: GOCE‐GRACE combination: an opportunity to enhance mass balance estimates
CliC: Climate and Cryosphere, a core project of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP)
B Marzeion: Recent Advance, Current Obstacles, and Future Plans for Global Glacier Modeling
A Bartsch: Changing permafrost and frozen-ground regimes feedbacks to climate and terrestrial ecosystems (e.g. carbon dioxide and methane fluxes)
Requirements for Monitoring of Permafrost in Polar Regions
Workshop on Novel Mission Concepts for Snow and Cryosphere Research