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Ice Rise Presentation PDFs

R Drews: Do pinning points matter? Observational data from ice rumples and ice-rises buttressing the Roi Baudoin Ice Shelf
H Conway: Ice Rises in the Ross Sea Sector: evidence for past, present and future behaviors of the region
G Moholdt: Altimetric analyses of ice-rises and ice-shelf basal melting
P Whitehouse: Ice Rises: an untapped resource for studies of glacial isotatic adjustment?
T Scambos- Antarctic Ice Rises: a tour and overview of their significance
G Durand: On the impact of ice rises onto grounding line dynamics - preliminary results on Pine Island Glacier
M Bentley: Geology and glacial geology of Antarctic ice rises
F Pattyn: IceRises - Ice dynamics in a nutshell?
J Brown: Measuring the trees to see the forest: Bridging the gaps through synthesis of core and radar data
C Martin: Effects of ice-flow dynamics at domes and divides on the age-depth distribution
J Lenaerts: How do ice rises affect accumulation?
K Nicholls: Controls on ice shelf basal mass balance and consequences for ice shelf properties
T Hattermann: How geometry controls ice shelf basal melting in the Eastern Weddell Sea