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Ice Rise Posters

Quantarctica Poster
B Van Liefferinge: Are ice rises cold or warm based? Consequences for their flow regime
K Riverman: Pine Island Glacier Ice Shelf: Bathymetry and Ice Thickness
M Philippe: Density reconstructed from digital optical televiewer-based borehole luminosity
A Muto: Geologic control of Whillans Ice Stream grounding lines and the Crary Ice Rise, inferred from ground-based gravity measurements
O Marsh: Grounding zone ice thickness and ice properties from InSAR: Interpretation of tidal flexure at ice rises in Antarctica
C Borstad: Reduced buttressing from ice rises due to ice shelf fracturing and consequences for ice shelf stability
A Lemos: Comparative analysis of variations in wet snow zone and the main break-up and retreat events in Wilkins Ice Shelf–Antarctic Peninsula
S Adhikari: Future Evolution of the Antarctic Bed Topography and Its Implications for Ice Sheet Dynamics