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Norwegian Sea Ice Workshop

The Norwegian Sea Ice Workshop was held in Tromsø, Norway the 18 and 19 February 2013, sponsored by The Research Council of Norway.

2013 Norway Sea Ice Workshop Report
What A Few Sea Ice Researchers in Norway Think - Survey Says
TILarsen- Norwegian Coast Guard
BKvingedal- Statoil
NHughes- Norwegian Ice Service
Short presentations of Participants/Lab Groups/Institutions
Short presentations of Participants/Lab Groups/Institutions
LBertino- The TOPAZ forecasting system
GSpreen- Three pressing research questions regarding sea ice remote sensing
GSpreen- Sea ice remote sensing
SGerland- An (incomplete) View on Sea Ice Science in Norway
JBaeseman- Understanding the Changing Cryosphere and Its Climate Connections
NHughes- Introduction Norwegian Ice Service