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2nd International Workshop on Passive Microwave Sea Ice Concentration

The workshop was held on February 18-19 2013 at the Danish Meteorological Institute in Copenhagen, sponsored by the European Space Agency (ESA), WCRP Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) Project Office and the Danish Meteorological Institute.

RTonboe- Uncertainty estimates in the EUMETSAT sea ice re-processing of satellite microwave radiometer data
TLavergne- Investigating the observation error covariance matrix of sea ice concentration datasets
CMelsheimer- Remote Sensing of Snow Depth on sea-ice
LBrucker- Sea ice concentration retrieval uncertainty from the NASA Team 2 algorithm
GHeygster-Checking Geolocation of SICCI RRDP
TCarrieres- Assimilation of passive microwave data within an automated sea ice analysis system
LToudalPedersen- An integrated retrieval of ice/ocean and atmosphere parameters
RTonboe- Brightness temperature simulations
NIvanova- Results of algorithm Intercomparison in the SICCI project
ABeitsch- Comparison of SSM/I Sea Ice Concentrations with ASPeCt Ship Observations around Antarctica
IJónsdóttir- Comparison of in-situ ice observations and passive microwave imagery / Sea-ice concentration
GHeygster- A thin ice dataset for SICCI
GHeygster- A thin ice dataset for SICCI
LToudalPedersen- A validation dataset for the SICCI project
NIvanova- Implementation of 20 algorithms for comparison in the SICCI project
MShokr- ECICE: an algorithm to estimate ice types and concentrations
WMeier- NSIDC/NOAA sea ice concentration climate data record
SSandven- Introduction to the Sea Ice CCI project
Agenda for 2nd International Workshop on Passive Microwave Sea Ice Concentration