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Polar Jet Stream 2013

Presentations and other documents from The Northern Hemisphere Polar Jet Stream and Links with Arctic Climate Change Workshop held at the Icelandic Met Office the 13 - 15 November 2013 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Northern Hemisphere Polar Jet Stream Linkages Workshop Report Nov 2013
North America
Final Wrapup Summary Polar Jet Stream 2013
European breakout group
Breakout Group Discussion Winter Case for East Asia
Q Tang: Extreme Weather in Northern Mid-latitudes Linked to Ice and Snow Losses
Y Tachibana: Hemispheric extreme hot summer in 2010 and its relation to the AO polarity reversal from winter to summer
S Kim: Rapid Arctic Warming in Recent Decades and Its Impact on Climate Change over East Asia
J Cohen: Large scale linkages between fall Eurasian snow cover and Northern Hemisphere winter climate
R Caballero: Moisture injections into the Arctic and associated large-scale circulations
Arctic Linkages breakout questions
Arctic Linkages breakout questions
D Wheeler: Arctic climate change 1750 to 1850: new insights from old documents: preliminary results
S Strey J Walsh: Northern Hemisphere Atmospheric Response to Variations In Arctic Sea Ice
J Screen: Influence of Arctic sea ice on European summer precipitation
M L'Heureux: Creation and Interpretation of Climate Outlooks: An Operational Perspective
V Petoukhov: Recent changes of the atmospheric jets and their link to the NH weather
E Hanna, J Overland: Greenland Blocking and North Atlantic Oscillation changes
D Handorf: Tropo- and stratospheric teleconnection response to Arctic sea ice retreat
R Hall: A Comparison of North Atlantic Jet Stream Winds in Reanalysis Datasets, 1979-2010
G Magnusdottir: Forcing of the wintertime atmospheric circulation by the multidecadal fluctuations of the North Atlantic ocean
J Francis: Linking Arctic Amplification to Extreme Weather in Mid-Latitudes
D Smith: Simulations of the impact of Arctic sea ice on the atmospheric circulation
T Cropper: A reconstruction of the daily NAO back to 1850 & Climatic Analysis
H Björnsson: The seasonal cycle of just about everything