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Sea Ice Concentration and Thickness 2014

Posters and presentations from the workshop

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Report: International Sea Ice Concentration and Thickness Evaluation and Inter-Comparison Workshop
Improving multiyear ice concentration retrieval from passive microwave and atmospheric model data
The microwave emissivity variability of snow covered first-year sea ice from late winter to early summer: a model study
A quasi-daily pan-Arctic lead product derived from MODIS thermal infrared imagery
Lead detection with CryoSat-2: Method improvement and validation
Retrieving Sea Ice Concentrations from 1.4 GHz brightness temperatures
Arctic sea ice thickness over the last decade from observations and ocean reanalyses
Estimation of thin sea ice thickness from SMOS brightness temperature in the Arctic
The atmospheric response to sea ice changes: Experiments with the Planet Simulator
Development of the Turkish Arctic and Antarctic Research Program (TuArk)
Antarctic Sea Ice Thickness from ICESat-1 using empirical approaches based on in-situ drillings
Snow thickness retrieval from SMOS data: Sensitivity to ice temperature, ice thickness, and snow density
Introduction On the progress of Arctic Engineering in China
Inter-comparison of sea ice concentration products and Arctic sea ice variation from 1992 to 2008
Thickness of thin sea ice retrieved from satellite L band high incidence angle observations
Leads detection using SARAL/AltiKa - Comparison with Modis segmented data
A Combined Satellite Sea Ice Thickness Product for Use in an Operational Sea Ice Model
SICCI SIT validation and inter-comparison
Sea ice observations and numerical models
What we learned about SIC as boundary conditions from model simulations
Forecasting future sea ice conditions: A Lagrangian approach
Sea Ice CCI project Phase 2 2015-2017
Sea Ice CCI project Aims and Products
SIT algorithm studies & SIT production & future plans
Sea Ice Analysis and Forecasting with the GloSea5 Seasonal Forecast System
SIC algorithm selection & SIC production & future plans
AMSR-E and AMSR2 Sea Ice Concentration Fields with Uncertainty Estimates
Setting the Scene - Observations
SIC Evaluation
About Snow on Sea Ice
International Sea Ice Concentration and Thickness Evaluation and Inter-Comparison Workshop
Uncertainties of Sea Ice Thickness from CryoSat-2
SMOS - ESA’S Soil Moisture And Ocean Salinity Mission
An evaluation of NorESM1 sea ice based on SICCI SIC and SIT datasets
The Status and Development of the Regional Ice Prediction System
Using SICCI ice concentration and thickness to nudge sea ice in an Earth System Model