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CliC Scientific Steering Group 10 - Geneva 2014

Participant Information, Documents, Presentations, Videos, and Photos for the 10th Session of the CliC Scientific Steering Group Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland from 17-20 February 2014.

S Mernild: South American CliC Thoughts
H Rott: Satellite Observations on Glacier Inventory and Volume Change
A Rinke: Polar Cordex
A Jahn: CliC Sea ice and climate modeling forum
D Notz: Understanding Sea Ice
G Krinner: ESM-Snow model intercomparison project
E Larour: Ice Sheet Modeling
D Holland: CliC Targeted Activity: West Antarctica Glacier-Ocean Modelling
A Slepikov: Overview of Russian activity related to CliC
D Perovich: CliC Working Group on Arctic Sea Ice
L Hinzman: Arctic Freshwater Synthesis
E Hanna: Linkage between Arctic Climate Change and Mid-Latitude Weather Extremes
T Schuur: Vulnerability of Permafrost Carbon Research Coordination Network (RCN)
P Lemke: EC-PORS Global Integrated Polar Prediction System (GIPPS)
M Patterson: US CLIVAR Briefing
D Stammer: International CLIVAR Plans
V Ryabinin: WCRP/CliC & Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS)
M Rixen: WCRP Modelling Advisory Council (WMAC) update
P Doblas-Reyes: WCRP Working Group on Seasonal to Interannual Prediction
M Ondras: WMO Global Cryosphere Watch (GCW)
S Bony: WCRP Working Group on Coupled Models (WGCM)
S Bony: WCRP Grand Challenge on Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity
G Flato: Grand Challenge: Cryosphere in a changing climate
A Rinke: WCRP Grand Challenge: Regional Climate Information
D Stammer: WCRP Grand Challenge Sea-Level Rise and Regional Impacts
S Seneviratne:Global Energy and Water Exchanges
V Detemmerman: Future Earth
V Ryabinin: World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) Update for CliC SSG‐10
N Bertler: SCAR and CliC – Common and Complementary Interests
V Rachold: CliC SSG 10: International connections
E Darlington: APECS - CliC Update 2013-14
P Heimbach: Understanding the Dynamic Response of Greenland’s Marine Terminating Glaciers to Oceanic and Atmospheric Forcings
J Baeseman: CliC Sponsored workshops 2013
G flato: Intro