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Tidewater Glacier Workshop - Svalbard 2012

Frostbyte C Borstad- Avalanches to Icebergs-Cracking the Mysteries Behind Cracks In Snow and Ice
Frostbyte E Enderlin: Examining Tidewater Glacier Sensitivity
Tunabreen II
Longyearbyen Harbor
Georadar on Hansbreen (2)
Ny Aalesund train with glacier in back
Poking icebergs from zodiak
C.Nuth at Hansbreen
Students going to the Horyzont, Svalbard
D.Ignatiuk and P.Głowacki on Svalbard
Participants laser scanning at the Hansbreen front
D.Benn laser scanning at the Hansbreen front
Woodboat at the Polish Research Station in Svalbard
M. Schäfer on Svalbard
T.Pfeffer on Hansbreen
Timelapse camera at Hansbreen front
Hansbreen view
Ice in fjord on Svalbard (3)
D.Ignatiuk and M.Blaszczyk on Svalbard
Group Picture on Beach at Brepollen
D.Benn signing at abandoned town in Svalbard
Glacier field excursion in Svalbard by zodiac
Svalbard Cliffs in a Glacial Fjord
Participants at the Svalbard Tidewater Glacier Workshop on Hansbreen
Field Techniques, Hornsund
GPR on Hornsund glacier
Group photo at the Hansbreen front
M.Petlicki, D.Benn and A.Vieli facing Hansbreen
J.Baeseman and V.Pohjola on Hansbreen
G.Hamilton and K.Schild on Svalbard
K.Schild and E.Enderlin, Svalbard
The RV Horyzont II in a glacial fjord in Svalbard
J.Jania at Hansbreen
J.Jania at Hansbreen
Ice in fjord on Svalbard (2)
Dirty Underside of a calved block on Svalbard
Outside classroom on Hansbreen
M.Petlicki, D.Benn and A.Vieli on Hansbreen
Polish Polar Station from Zodiak, Svalbard
Ice in fjord on Svalbard (1)
F.Nick and A.Vieli on Hansbreen
T.Dunse investigating a crevasse on Svalbard
Georadar on Hansbreen
On Hansbreen
Participants on Hansbreen 2012
D.Ignatuk, D.Benn and A.Vieli on Hansbreen
A.Promińska presenting at Hornsund
Remnants of an old glacial surge, Svalbard
Polarbear danger on Svalbard
Class at Hansbreen
The view from New Ålesund
Jacek Jana in front of Hansbreen Glacier
J.O. Hagen on Svalbard
J.Jania at Hansbreen
A.Promińska presenting at Hornsund
Ice in fjord on Svalbard (4)
Comparative study of mass budget-Himachal Pradesh
GPS in theory and practice
Investigations of glacier ice-ocean interactions using an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV)
Calving dynamics from field and remote sensing data
Practical and security information
Observing the Kronebreen glacier system
Bathymetry of Brepollen
Slop gradients of Brepollen
Outcomes and Outreach
The Causes and Patterns of Calving Events from Canadian Arctic Ice Shelves and Tidewater Glaciers
Glacier Calving Models
Dynamics of Ice Caps and Tidewater Glaciers in the Canadian Arctic
Modelling calving glaciers
Basel drag pattern-Vestfonna ice-cap
Calving and tide-water glaciers - an introduction
Ice Dynamics in the IPCC's 5th Assessment