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CliC Arctic Sea Ice Working Group

The CliC Arctic Sea Ice Working Group concentrates on improving the coordination between the sea-ice observation and modelling communities to establish protocols for standardizing and archiving data across the different national and international activities. 

The establishment of a CliC Arctic Sea-Ice Working Group complements ASPeCt in arctic regions. This working group is initially focused on improving the coordination of surface-based sea-ice and snow observations, establishing protocols for standardizing and archiving data across the different national and international activities, and linking partners to ensure that functional, sustained observing networks are established for long-term observation and monitoring of these regions.

Progress in observations should be continued in the area of assimilation of the variety of sea-ice observations into coupled atmosphere-ocean general circulation models. This will contribute to create a basis for global ocean and climate system re-analysis.

The CliC Arctic Sea-Ice Working Group is expanding and refocusing its activities to involve more modelling and process studies, in cooperation with related initiatives as the Sea-Ice Outlook of U.S. SEARCH. Seasonal prediction of sea ice cover or extent, particularly of its September minimal value, remains the area of most significant interest. Intercomparison of ice extent algorithms and their generalization, so that they are able to satisfy the interest of users in having access to the least uncertain and uncontroversial sea-ice extent data.

CASIWG: CliC Arctic Sea-Ice Working Group. Chair Don Perovich, USA Steering Committee member Sebastian Gerland, Norway

Contact person Don Perovich





Main fields

Don Perovich (Chair)

CRREL, Hanover, NH, USA


Sea ice mass and energy balance

Ralf Döscher

SMHI, Norrköping, Sweden


Sea ice models

Hajo Eicken

Geophysical Inst., Univ. of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK, USA


Sebastian Gerland

Norwegian Polar Institute, Tromsø, Norway


Sea ice thickness and optics, Svalbard, Greeland and Barents Seas

Alexander Makshtas

Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia


Atmosphere-sea ice interaction

Walt Meier

National Snow and Ice Data Center, Boulder, CO, USA


Remote sensing

Jinping Zhao




Status September 2010