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Northern Hemisphere Polar Jet Stream Linkages Workshop Report Nov 2013


Contributed by James E. Overland and Edward Hanna

The Northern Hemisphere polar jet stream and links with Arctic climate change IASC/CliC/IMO/NOAA Workshop was held on 13-15 November 2013 at the Icelandic Met Office in Reykjavik, Iceland. The workshop was successful with 33 scientists who have recently worked on jet stream and Arctic linkages issues. The workshop consisted of summary talks and extensive time for discussion during the sessions and during breaks and meals provided by IMO.  Iceland provided this group of meteorologists and oceanographers with some outstanding weather:  a major storm followed by snow. The agenda and list of participants are provided at the end.  We appreciated the major support of IASC and CliC, and the hospitality of our hosts at IMO.

1996-March: ACSYS Arctic Forecast
(Media / 1996-March: ACSYS Arctic Forecast)
1. Data Management and Information 2. Polar Exchange at the Sea Surface 3. Handbook of the Radiation Regime of the Arctic Basin 4. Ice Drift Data from the Fram Strait 5. Arctic Precipitation Data Archive 6. Norwegian Polar Institute - IAPO Host
1998 No.1: ACSYS Arctic Forecast
(Media / 1998 No.1: ACSYS Arctic Forecast)
1. ACSYS Annual Report 2. Polar Processes Conference Summary 3. Historical Ice Chart Archive 4. Transport and Fate of Contaminants in the Northern Seas
1998 No. 2: ACSYS Arctic Forecast
(Media / 1998 No. 2: ACSYS Arctic Forecast)
1. ACSYS as a Study 2. EWG Arctic Oceanography Atlas 3. Polarstern Cruise ? Summer 1998 4. SHEBA Update 5. Monitoring Ice Thickness in Fram Strait

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