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E Guegan, A Sinitsyn: Use of Satellite Images for Coastal Erosion Studies in Varandey, Barents Sea


This presentation was held at the DUE Permafrost 2014 workshop, 12th of Febuary 2014, Frascati, Italy


Guegan, Emilie
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim Norway

The coastal zone of Varandey, located in Pechora sector of Barents Sea, Northwest Russia, is exposed to active erosion processes, threatening any adjacent coastal infrastructures. Thermodenudation (thermal degradation of permafrost) and thermoabrasion (wave’s action on permafrost affected coasts) are erosive processes identified along the Varandey Coasts. Field investigations including trigonometric levelling have been combined with modern and archive satellite images analysis (from 1961 to 2012) of coastal erosion rates along the 80 km long coastlines in Varandey.

Keywords: coastal erosion, permafrost, thermodenudation, thermoabrasion





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