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CliC and its role in WCRP
The World Climate Research Programme has 4 core projects. CliC is one of them.


From the Ice Sheet MIP for CMIP6 Meeting in NASA GSFC, Greenbelt, MD, USA, 16-18th July, 2014

presented by Greg Flato

G Krinner: ESM-Snow model intercomparison project
(Media / G Krinner: ESM-Snow model intercomparison project)
This presentation was held at the 10th Session of the CliC Scientific Steering Group (SSG), 19th of February 2014, Geneva, Switzerland Meeting webpage:
A Slater: ESM SnowMIP
(Media / A Slater: ESM SnowMIP)
Earth System Model - Snow Model Intercomparison Project Presented by Andew Slater at the 11th Session of the CliC Scientific Steering Committee in Boulder, CO, USA For more information on this presentation, see the SSG 11 Meeting Report at...
2014 CliC Annual Report
(Media / 2014 CliC Annual Report)
CliC is pleased to release its 2014 Annual Report which summarizers the amazing number of activities that we sponsored, supported, and in many cases, initiated over the past few years. We hope you will take the time to read the achievements, as well as our plans for the coming year(s). Citation:...

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