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Report of the 3rd session of the CliC Scientific Steering Group (SSG-III) 2007


Report, Agenda and Participants list of the 3rd session of the CliC Scientific Steering Group (SSG-III), held in Boulder, Colorado, USA, from 4-8 December 2006. WORLD CLIMATE RESEARCH PROGRAMME (WCRP) SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE ON ANTARCTIC RESEARCH (SCAR) Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) Project November 2007. WCRP Informal Report Nr. 19/2007.

Meeting Summary

The third meeting of the CliC Scientific Steering Group (SSG), was held at the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) on the University of Colorado campus in Boulder from Monday 4- through Friday 9 December. Wednesday was a science day when various members of the SSG and CIRES gave presentations on current research interests in the cryospheric sciences. The rest of the week was taken up with the CliC SSG business.

Dr Ann Henderson-Sellers, Director of WCRP, presentated current WCRP activities, such as COPES, the new major initiative of WCRP for the next few years, and the cross-cuts which WCRP is pursuing.

For several years, CliC was grouped into the following four CliC Project Areas (CPAs):

CPA1: The terrestrial cryosphere and hydrometeorology of cold regions (led by T. Khromova)

CPA2: Glaciers, ice caps and ice sheets and their relation to sea level (K. Steffen)

CPA3: The marine cryosphere and its interactions with high latitude oceans and atmosphere (T. Worby)

CPA4: Links between the cryosphere and global climate (J. Turner).

In August 2006, CliC gave presentations on its four CPAs at the IGS conference in Cambridge, UK. However, it was reluctantly agreed that the cryospheric community had not really embraced the CPAs, and that many scientists were still unaware of them. It was therefore agreed that CliC's work in these four important areas of research should be re-branded and given a clearer focus. This will be carried out over the next year. These four areas of work will be known as CliC themes and will deal with:

1. The Terrestrial Cryosphere and Hydrometeorology of Cold Regions (TCHM)

2. Ice Masses and Sea Level (IMSL)

3. The Marine Cryosphere and Climate (MarC)

4. Global Prediction of the Cryosphere (GPC)

The old CPA 4 is therefore renamed the CliC Global Prediction of the Cryosphere theme. This will hopefully have a much clearer role of developing a view on how the cryosphere will evolve over the next century. The theme leaders will establish small steering committees to guide the work of the group.

There was still a great deal of concern about the lack of funds available to CliC to hold workshops, and support travel and data-recovery initiatives. However, this problem affects the whole of WCRP, and the situation is unlikely to improve over the next few years. The CliC themes therefore do not have budgets and have to apply to WCRP for funding on a case-by-case basis.

Virtually a whole day was devoted to the IGOS-P Cryospheric theme with SSG members and invited experts reviewing individual chapters. After three workshops in as many countries, the theme report has been drafted. The reviewers provided very useful comments that helped improve the structure and content of the report. Theme implementation mechanisms and governance were also discussed. See for update.

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