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Asia-CliC Workshop on Large-scale Hydrometeorology of Asian Cryosphere 2007


Meeting Report, Agenda and Participant list from the Asia-CliC Workshop on Large-scale Hydrometeorology of Asian Cryosphere Yokohama Institute for Earth Science (JAMSTEC), held in Yokohama, Japan from 17 to 19 May, 2007. WCRP Inf. No. 14/2007.

Forty people participated in the Asia-CliC Workshop on Large-scale Hydrometeorology of Asian Cryosphere held at the Yokohama Institute for Earth Science of JAMSTEC on May 17-19, 2007. Among the participants were V. Lytle, the Director of the CliC international Project Office, and T. Prowse and T. Ohata – both members of the CliC Scientific Steering Group. The Director-General of IORGC/JAMSTEC, M. Fukasawa, also attended and gave the Welcome Speech. During the first day-and-a-half, thirty-one presentations were made on the various workshop topics, and the rest of the time was used for discussions.
As a result of the Workshop, members agreed that developing cryosphere datasets –including data rescue– is a high priority for Asia-CliC activities. Within this, the first priority is to develop an Asia-Region snow-cover data-archive (land + satellite). Two co-chairs (V. Razuvaev, Russia and T. Zhang, USA) were nominated to develop the implementation plan and proceed with the data recovery. Frozen ground was identified as second priority, but more discussions are needed before starting activities. Glacier data bases were also mentioned, but since only a few researchers interested in glaciers attended, it was decided to discuss this at the 2nd Asia-CliC Symposium to be held at Lanzhou, China in October, 2007, along with the frozen ground issues. It was recognized that these three topics need to be treated in the Symposium.
It was advised that the following projects be pushed and implemented in order to enhance Asia-CliC activities:
• Cryosphere-Atmosphere-Biosphere Interaction (CABIN) presented by A. Sugimoto
• Modeling studies within projects such as Arctic-HYDRA and IHACYs (China core project on High Asia)
• ALOS Glacier inventory studies (improved by broadening the group)
• Hydrometeorology research project in the Heife Region, China, led by Chinese scientists.

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