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TOhata- CliC related activities in Japan and Asia-CliC


Japan hosted the Third international Arctic Symposium in January 2013, with 270 participants from 15 countries. CliC is generally very active in Japan, with 5 main programs related to CliC in Japan:
•    GREN Arctic Project (2011-2016), from observations to modeling (Project of MEXT, NIPR hosting institute)
•    Arctic Ocean, Siberian cryosphere, ice sheet modeling studies (JAMSTEC)
•    (Greenland Icesheet northern drainage studies  (MRI and Universities)
•    Antarctic Ice Sheet Research.(NIPR)
•    Glacier changes in Himalaya and Patagonia. (Nagoya and Tsukuba University)
In the future, Japanese Antarctic research might be slowed down due to difficulties accessing the Antarctic Japanese station, caused by an increase in sea ice around the Japanese station in recent years. If difficulties persist, Japan might have to decrease scientific operations in Antarctic. This will mean a decrease in the scientific overwintering team, but monitoring will be maintained. Other issues for Asia-CliC are related to not much usual and regular communication between Asians countries, due to language and cultural differences and time difference (7 h between Japan and India) as well as political conflicts in the Asian region. Possible solutions might be an increase of personal exchange and for GCW to be implemented and funded in Asian countries.

Presented by Tetsuo Ohata, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, at the 9th CliC Scientific Steering Group meeting in Potsdam, Germany 2013.

2008-01 No. 10 Ice and Climate News
(Media / 2008-01 No. 10 Ice and Climate News)
- CliC Scientific Steering Group (comings and goings) - Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation Models - Global Prediction: Permafrost - Operational Sea-Ice Analysis and Forecasting at - Arctic Council Climate and Cryosphere Project - Seasonal Forecast of Antarctic Sea Ice - The Global...
1999 No. 1: ACSYS Arctic Forecast
(Media / 1999 No. 1: ACSYS Arctic Forecast)
1. Climate and Cryosphere (CLIC) 2. The Fate of the Fram Strain Ice Fluxes 3. The Fram Strait Cyclone Experiment 4. ACSYS Precipitation Data Archive (APDA) 5. R/V Mirai Arctic Cruise 6. ACSYS SSG VII 7. Transport and Effects Programme
2000 No. 2: ACSYS Arctic Forecast
(Media / 2000 No. 2: ACSYS Arctic Forecast)
1. ACSYS/CliC SSG Annual Meeting 2. Arctic Regional Climate Model Intercomparison 3. Akademik Fedorov Cruise 4. Observation Products Panel 5. MAIA - Monitoring the Atlantic Flow Toward the Arctic

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