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JBaeseman- CIPO update


CliC is in the process of rebuilding after the Directorate Office was vacant for 2 years.  In 2012, the CliC IPO received a grant from the Norwegian Research Council for three workshops in Tromso as follows:

  •    Norwegian sea ice meeting in Tromso in late February, for Norwegian sea ice scientists
  •    Sea ice workshop in Tromso in June, bring together Arctic and Antarctic sea ice communities
  •    WCRP Climate Grand Challenge workshop in November, also in Tromso

Since the IPO was restructured a number of things have been accomplished; an email list was created with approximately 700 people, CliC signed Memorandums of understanding with different cryosphere organizations (list organizations) and the International Permafrost Association, newsletter reactivated with electronic format, social media presence was established and the website was revised and modernized with new online resources.  This website now includes a list of recent cryosphere literature publications as well as a Community calendar to organize and advertise cryosphere-wide events.  The website address remains the same:   The CliC community has been asked to help update it and send comments to suggest improvements. Upcoming plans are to establish a cryosphere thesis database and cryosphere project catalogue.  Some new CliC services for the community include: help planning meetings, online meeting and webinar tools, and help with outreach.

Some of the tasks for the coming year are to develop functional structure of CliC, including procedures for applying for funding, new working groups, etc. Continue to seek funding for additional activities and hopefully staff, as CliC is by far the smallest of the WCRP core project secretariats. With the new science priorities of CliC coming together, many new tasks will be arising.

WCRP has officially signed an MoU with the Norwegian Polar Institute for 5 more years of hosting the CliC Secretariat. This agreement includes salary and benefits for the Director and office assistant as well as 227,000 NOK for support of CIPO activities.

Presented by Jenny Baeseman, Climate and Cryosphere International Project Office, at the 9th CliC Scientific Steering Group meeting in Potsdam, Germany 2013.

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