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TShepherd- WCRP Polar Climate Predictability Initiative


Ted Shepherd presented the current status of the WCRP Polar Climate Predictability Initiative (PCPI). The PCPI has developed over the last couple of years, and will be a component of the “The Cryosphere in a Changing Climate” Grand Challenge (although the scope of the PCPI extends well beyond the cryosphere). The main motivation behind the formation of the PCPI is that whilst polar climate predictability is an area of increasing importance in climate science, with a current need for a focused effort, its scope cuts across all components of the WCRP and thus it represents an inherently cross-cutting activity. The PCPI will work in close collaboration with the WCRP core projects and working groups to identify gaps in knowledge or scientific research and develop strategies to fill those gaps through well-defined, goal-oriented activities. A preliminary implementation strategy has been recently developed through a community consultation process including two workshops, and the PCPI will now move towards implementing a number of specific activities.

WCRP brings the global perspective and strength in global modeling. Some key scientific questions that will be addressed under this initiative are: How predictable is Arctic climate? Why are the two polar climate regions changing unevenly in the Southern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere? Is the stability of ice sheets changing? Overall, the pieces are in place to address most of these questions, and by brining together the different communities to work on common problems lots of progress can be achieved.

Presented by Ted Shepherd, University of Reading, at the 9th CliC Scientific Steering Group meeting in Potsdam, Germany 2013.

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