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ARinke- Polar regional Earth system models


Resolution is important for Greenland SMB. High-resolution RCMs are therefore an important tool contributing to reliable projections of sea-level rise. Now, there are a lot of papers about GrIS SMB using available RCMs. These studies made it possible to assess uncertainties in model estimates of SMB and to point out important processes (detailed snow physics scheme, e.g. albedo and meltwater refreezing). This also applies to Antarctic SMB. Sea-ice simulations from coupled RCMs help to identify key mechanisms for sea ice-atmosphere feedbacks (e. g. cyclones, albedo,…). Additionally, atmosphere data from high-resolution RCMs would be of interest for coastal erosion and frozen ground.

Presented by Annette Rinke, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, at the 9th CliC Scientific Steering Group meeting in Potsdam, Germany 2013.

(Media / 2012-Boundary-Layer-Workshop-Report)
The atmosphere-ocean boundary layer in which sea ice resides includes many complex processes that require a more realistic treatment in GCMs, particularly as models move toward full earth system descriptions. The primary purpose of the workshop was to define and discuss such coupled processes...
2008-01 No. 10 Ice and Climate News
(Media / 2008-01 No. 10 Ice and Climate News)
- CliC Scientific Steering Group (comings and goings) - Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation Models - Global Prediction: Permafrost - Operational Sea-Ice Analysis and Forecasting at - Arctic Council Climate and Cryosphere Project - Seasonal Forecast of Antarctic Sea Ice - The Global...
1996-March: ACSYS Arctic Forecast
(Media / 1996-March: ACSYS Arctic Forecast)
1. Data Management and Information 2. Polar Exchange at the Sea Surface 3. Handbook of the Radiation Regime of the Arctic Basin 4. Ice Drift Data from the Fram Strait 5. Arctic Precipitation Data Archive 6. Norwegian Polar Institute - IAPO Host

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