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AJahn- Sea ice model evaluation


New Arctic observations have improved the possibility for model evaluation against data. However, different modelers (regional, column, global, climate models or forced models) need different kinds of data. Furthermore, variables are sometimes called the same in observations and models, but are computed very differently, making quantative comparisons difficult. To highlight these and other topics, F. Massonnet and A. Jahn wrote up a short note on “Data needs for Arctic sea ice models” after this meeting. This note was expanded upon by the Polar Working group, which extended it to polar climate models in general (including atmospheric and oceanic data).

Presented by Alexandra Jahn, National Center for Atmospheric Research, at the 9th CliC Scientific Steering Group meeting in Potsdam, Germany 2013.

Mass Balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet 1992-2008
(Media / Mass Balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet 1992-2008)
Mass Balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet 1992-2008 from ERS and ICESat: Gains exceed losses - Presented by Jay Zwally, NASA Goddard, USA
(Media / 2012-Boundary-Layer-Workshop-Report)
The atmosphere-ocean boundary layer in which sea ice resides includes many complex processes that require a more realistic treatment in GCMs, particularly as models move toward full earth system descriptions. The primary purpose of the workshop was to define and discuss such coupled processes...
2008-01 No. 10 Ice and Climate News
(Media / 2008-01 No. 10 Ice and Climate News)
- CliC Scientific Steering Group (comings and goings) - Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation Models - Global Prediction: Permafrost - Operational Sea-Ice Analysis and Forecasting at - Arctic Council Climate and Cryosphere Project - Seasonal Forecast of Antarctic Sea Ice - The Global...

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