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Satellite-derived Sea Ice Products Community Workshop Report


Report from the Satellite-derived Sea Ice Products Community Workshop, held at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, USA from 15-16 March 2011.

Workshop Summary

On 15-16 March 2011, twenty-six people attended the WCRP CliC "Satellite-derived Sea Ice Products Community Workshop" at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, in Greenbelt, Maryland, USA. The focus of the meeting was to bring together people who produce various passive microwave sea ice concentration products as well as users to compare approaches and discuss ways to better collaborate, improve products, and address user needs. Before the meeting, all parties were requested to fill in a template for their products. These were distributed to all attendees and were used as the basis for discussions. These are provided in Appendix III. Detailed minutes were taken during the meeting and are available on request. A list of acronyms used in this report is provided in Appendix I. The first part of the meeting involved a review and discussion of the various products. Then users discussed related products and needs regarding PM sea ice concentration data sets. The second half of the meeting was a general discussion that ranged across several topics including: creating common, updated land masks and regional masks, developing useful grid-cell level quantitative uncertainty estimates, discussing standards for minimum concentration thresholds and climatology periods, potential integration with other products, encouraging thorough data versioning and appropriate data set citation, and planning for future collaborations. Outcomes from the meeting include plans to share common products (e.g., land masks), make a request for the U.S. National Ice Center to produce an updated Antarctic land mask, collaborate on a peer- reviewed journal article, follow-up with a session at AGU, and continue collaboration in the future. Key recommendations and future actions are listed in Section III, followed by details on presentations and discussions at the workshop. Attendees included algorithm/product developers from NASA, NSIDC, NOAA, the University of Illinois, the University of Nebraska, JAXA, Environment Canada, and EUMETSAT as well as user groups from the NOAA SST group, Canadian and U.S. operational ice centers, and Canadian sea ice model development. Comments from invitees who were unable to attend were collected before the meeting and included in the discussions. These are included in Section VII. Funding was provided by the WMO World Climate Research Programme’s Climate and Cryosphere project (http: and hosted by the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Cryospheric Sciences group. The participants wish to thank Vladimir Ryabinin and Emanuela Micocci of WCRP for arranging travel and other logistical support, Thorsten Markus and Stacy Wood of NASA Goddard for local planning and support, and Donna Scott of NSIDC for recording the meeting minutes.

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