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HEicken - Seasonal to Interannual Forecasting Needs


Seasonal to Interannual Forecasting Needs: Towards an International Sea Ice Prediction Research Network
H. Eicken (University of Alaska Fairbanks) with contributions by J. Stroeve, C. Bitz, J. Overland, M. Wang, A. Tivy, L. Hamilton, H. Wiggins, J. Hutchings

The reduction in Arctic sea ice volume by roughly 75% and the associated decreases in summer minimum ice extent raise important questions about the fate of the Arctic summer ice cover. Seasonal to interannual scale predictions of sea ice distribution and extent link needed improvements in our understanding of the state and evolution of the ice pack to urgent questions raised by different ice users and stakeholders impacted by recent change. Here, we provide a brief update on activities that build on the Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH) Sea Ice Outlook (SIO), an international, collaborative effort at synthesizing seasonal predictions and observations of the September mean ice extent at the pan-Arctic and regional scale.

Building on the SIO and through support by a different US agencies and international programs, we are working towards the establishment of an international sea ice prediction research network. The main objectives of this network are to (1) coordinate and evaluate predictions, (2) integrate, assess and guide observations, (3) synthesize predictions and observations, and (4) disseminate predictions and engage key stakeholders. The network is led by Julienne Stroeve with the National Snow and Ice Data Center and Cecilia Bitz with the University of Washington, with contributions by the co-authors of this presentation (see above). The presentation highlights the next steps and potential engagement by the sea-ice research community.

Presentation given at the CliC Sea Ice Modeling and Observing Workshop held at the Fram Centre in Tromsø, Norway from 5 - 7 June 2013.

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