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Bringing researchers together to expand our knowledge of Antarctic ice rises

Workshop Goals and Overview

We will hold an interdisciplinary workshop on Antarctic ice-rises, looking at all aspects of their physical science, to bring an Earth Systems Science perspective to these major controls of Antarctic ice-sheet dynamics.

Recent studies have highlighted the important role of the ice rises, the grounded ice surrounded by ice shelves, in both supporting the ice shelf and buttressing upstream glaciers. This is particularly significant in the Antarctic coastal regions, which are seen as crucial foci of continental changes in ice-mass balance. Ice rises also provide a unique platform for reconstructing the highly-variable coastal climate by obtaining and analysing ice cores. Given their crucial role, ice-rises are not well studied, and part of the reason for this is their understanding requires cross-disciplinary integration. The researchers involved in ice-rise research are distributed across nations and disciplines and are not well coordinated.

To help bring this community of researchers together to expand our knowledge of ice rises, we are holding a 3.5-day workshop from August 26th Monday, 2013, at the Fram Centre, Tromsø, northern Norway. It will provide the opportunity to connect ice-rise researchers from multiple disciplines, including glaciology, oceanography, geology, geophysics, (paleo)climatology, and atmospheric sciences. The goal of this workshop is to develop a summary of the current challenges of ice-rise research, share community-wide understandings of the current status of knowledge beyond each discipline, and identify and produce recommendations for future directions of collaborative interdisciplinary work on ice rises.

Organizing Committee

Kenny Matsuoka (Norwegian Polar Institute)
Richard Hindmarsh (British Antarctic Survey)