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The workshop was open to researchers and other professionals working with sea ice in Norway and was funded by the Research Council of Norway.

Name Affiliation/Institution
Baeseman, Jenny Climate and Cryosphere
Bertino, Laurent Nansen Environmental & Remote Sensing Center
Chierici, Melissa Institute of Marine Research
Debien, Annekatrien Kongsberg Satellite Services
Divine, Dmitry Norwegian Polar Institute
Doulgeris, Anthony University of Tromsø
Farbrot, Herman Research Council of Norway
Fransson, Agneta Norwegian Polar Institute
Gerland, Sebastian Norwegian Polar Institute
Granskog, Mats Norwegian Polar Institute
Hansen, Edmond Norwegian Polar Institute
Hudson, Stephen Norwegian Polar Institute
Hughes, Nick Norwegian Ice Service / Met.no
Isaksen, Heidi Climate and Cryosphere
König, Max Norwegian Polar Institute
Kvingedal, Børge Statoil
Larsen, Tor-Ivan Norwegian Coast Guard Vessel Svalbard
Lonar Barth, Vigdis Norwegian Space Centre
Marchenko, Aleksey University Centre in Svalbard
Petrich, Christian Northern Research Institute
Pfaffhuber, Andi Norwegian Geotechnical Institute
Rampal, Pierre Nansen Environmental & Remote Sensing Center
Renner, Angelika Norwegian Polar Institute
Rudjord, Øystein Norwegian Computing Center
Smedsrud, Lars H Geophysical Institute / University of Bergen
Spreen, Gunnar Norwegian Polar Institute
Wang, Caixin Norwegian Polar Institute
Wang, Keguang Norwegian Meteorological Institute
Zygmuntowska,Marta Nansen Environmental & Remote Sensing Center