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Global-scale 21st century glacier mass and runoff changes
Sea-level Contributions from Glaciers
Minutes from the CliC Leadership Online Meeting on the Himalayas and South America
CliC Action Plan 2016-2020
Minutes from the CliC Leadership Online Meeting on Polar CORDEX
Minutes from the CliC Leadership Online Meeting on Permafrost
Arctic Cordex Presentation
Polar CORDEX Breakout Session Summary
GlacierMIP - A Model Intercomparison of Global-scale Glacier Mass-balance Models and Projections
Summary of the GlacierMIP meeting at AGU 2015, San Francisco
MISOMIP Splinter Meeting at EGU 2016
Update on GlacierMIP
The Arctic Freshwater System in a Changing Climate
CliC Action Plan 2016-2020
Melting Ice and Global Consequences Grand Challenge - Initial Implementation Plan
2016 CliC SSG12 Report
2015 WCRP CliC Annual Report
Report from the ISMIP6 Workshop on Initialization, Forcing and Datasets
Minutes from the CliC Leadership Online Meeting - An Update from the Targeted Activities
B Biskaborn: Global Terrestrial Network for Permafrost (GTN-P) Progress and Associated International Permafrost Association (IPA) Activities
A Bring: Arctic Freshwater Synthesis
2015 Polar CORDEX Annual Report
Minutes from the CliC Leadership Online Meeting - An Update from the Model Intercomparison Projects (MIPs)
D Holland: MISOMIP
T Payne: ISMIP6
B Marzeion: GlacierMIP
G Krinner: ESM-SnowMIP
Minutes from the CliC Leadership Online Meeting - An Update from the CliC Groups
Published Paper: Antarctic ice rises and rumples: their properties and significance for ice-sheet dynamics and evolution
Dataset: Inventory of Antarctic ice rises and rumples (Version 1)
M Vancoppenolle: Sea Ice Biogeochemistry Forum
M Raphael: Polar Climate Predictability Initiative (PCPI)
C Koven: Permafrost Carbon Network (PCN) - Modeling Activities
F Pattyn: SCAR/IASC/CliC Ice Sheet Mass Balance and Sea Level (ISMASS)
M Raphael: Antarctic Sea Ice Processes and Climate (ASPeCt)
D Perovich: Arctic Sea Ice Working Group (ASIWG)
ISMASS Presentation on Remaining Design Questions
ISMASS Presentation on Logistics for Participants
Summary of the ISMASS Workshop on the Marine Ice Sheet and Ice Shelf-Ocean Model Intercomparison Projects
ISMASS Presentation on Future Directions
ISMASS Presentation on Experimental Design
MISOMIP Workshop at IGS Meeting Information, August2015
2015 PCPI Theme Leaders Meeting Report
Minutes from the CliC Leadership Online Meeting - An Update on the WCRP Grand Challenges
Frostbyte F Bouchard: Future avenues for permafrost science from the perspective of early career researchers
ISMIP6/CMIP6 Data Request
GlacierMIP Kick-off Workshop Report
Hotel List for 2015 LandMIP Workshop
ESA-CliC Earth Observation and Arctic Science Priorities
Statement of Task - Antarctic Sea Ice Variability in the Southern Climate-Ocean System Workshop
The Amundsen Sea Low: Variability, Change and Impact on Antarctic Climate
University of Reading Campus Map
Map of Reading and the University
2015 PCPI Leads Meeting Agenda
Summary of the GlacierMIP kick-off meeting at IUGG 2015, Prague
ISMASS Workshop on the Marine Ice Sheet and Ice Shelf‐Ocean Model Intercomparison Projects Agenda
Questionnaire on “standalone” ice-sheet model initialization strategy
Invoice Template for reimbursement of travel expenses
CliC Travel Reimbursement Form
Land Modelling “LandMIP” Workshop Leaflet
CliC Plans for the Year of Polar Prediction
Minutes from the CliC Leadership Online Meeting on the Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP) Summit
Constraining Uncertainty in Greenland Ice Sheet surface mass balance model output and in situ validation workshop report
T Schuur: Permafrost Carbon Network Update
D McGuire: Model-Integration Working Group Products of Synthesis
C Koven: The Pan Incubation-Panarctic Thermal Scaling Approach
2015 Permafrost Carbon Network Leads Workshop Report
GlacierMIP Kick-off Meeting at IUGG 2015Draft Agenda
Draft GrIS SMB Action Plan
ESM-SnowMIP Simulation Protocol
Frostbyte G Tanski: Permafrost carbon degradation at the land-ocean-interface
FrostByte X Fettweis: Modeling of the Greenland ice sheet surface mass balance with the regional MAR model
FrostByte R Hock: Worldwide glacier wastage - Implications for sea level and streamflow
S Seneviratne: LS3MIP Overview & status (+ LandMIPworkshop)
Draft IMBER Science Plan and Implementation Strategy
FrostByte J Jones: Understanding the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies
FrostByte P Wyszynski: Variability of the Russian Arctic and Subarctic Climate in the last three hundred years
FrostByte C Treat: Detecting permafrost aggradation in peatland ecosystems to understand the effects on climate
FrostByte J Strauss: Organic carbon stocks in ice-rich permafrost of the Yedoma region
FrostByte K Saito: Permafrost sub-system in the Earth’s eco-climate system