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T.Pfeffer on Hansbreen
Georadar on Hansbreen (2)
Georadar on Hansbreen
Group photo at the Hansbreen front
Timelapse camera at Hansbreen front
C.Nuth at Hansbreen
Class at Hansbreen
F.Nick and A.Vieli on Hansbreen
G.Hamilton and K.Schild on Svalbard
D.Ignatiuk and M.Blaszczyk on Svalbard
Group Picture on Beach at Brepollen
J.O. Hagen on Svalbard
J.Jania at Hansbreen
J.Jania at Hansbreen
J.Jania at Hansbreen
J.Baeseman and V.Pohjola on Hansbreen
M. Schäfer on Svalbard
D.Ignatiuk and P.Głowacki on Svalbard
M.Petlicki, D.Benn and A.Vieli on Hansbreen
M.Petlicki, D.Benn and A.Vieli facing Hansbreen
Calving and tide-water glaciers - an introduction
Ice Dynamics in the IPCC's 5th Assessment
Glacier Calving Models
Outcomes and Outreach
Bathymetry of Brepollen
Slop gradients of Brepollen
The Causes and Patterns of Calving Events from Canadian Arctic Ice Shelves and Tidewater Glaciers
Observing the Kronebreen glacier system
Investigations of glacier ice-ocean interactions using an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV)
Calving dynamics from field and remote sensing data
GPS in theory and practice
Comparative study of mass budget-Himachal Pradesh
Modelling calving glaciers
Basel drag pattern-Vestfonna ice-cap
Dynamics of Ice Caps and Tidewater Glaciers in the Canadian Arctic
Practical and security information
WCRP CliC Travel Request Form
V.Romanovsky- Recent changes in permafrost in Alaska and Russia and their impact on environment and infrastructure
M.Raphael- Midlatitude Atmospheric Circulation and Antarctic Climate variability
B.Marzeion-Reconstructing and Projecting the Mass
Kleemayr,Zeidler-Natural hazards and climate change
H.Kerschner-Paleoclimate from glaciers - the Alps during Termination 1
G.Kaser-Cryospheric Research at University of Innsbruck
G.Casassa-Mid-latitude glaciers-status and impacts
T.Ohata-Asia-CliC and Asian CliC related activities
G.Casassa-Latin-American activities 2011-2012
D.Vaughan-Ice2sea, IPCC
A.Rinke-Cryospheric and cold climate modelling
M.Drinkwater, D.Fernandez-ESA Earth Observation – WCRP-CliC Status Report
V.Romanovsky- Carbon and Permafrost (CAPER)
W.Meier-The state of Arctic sea ice cover and Arctic sea ice data
V.Ryabinin-Climate predictability initiative – Arctic Perspectives
M.Raphael- Antarctic Sea Ice Processes and Climate (ASPeCt)
M.Sparrow-The Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS)
A.Klepikov- Antarctic Observational Network (AntON)
A.Klepikov- CLIVAR-CliC-SCAR Southern Ocean Implementation Panel (update)
V. Ryabinin-Emerging Road Map to Antarctic and SO Prediction (from Bergen)
M.Sparrow-Enabling Antarctic climate prediction (AACP)
V.Ryabinin-Current polar (prediction) initiatives
J.Hurrell and M.Visbeck-Climate Variability and Predictability (CLIVAR)
K.Trenberth-Grand science challenges for the global water cycle
J.Stähelin-Stratospheric Processes and their Role in Climate (SPARC) A Core Project of the World Climate Research Programme
K.Steffen, G.Casassa-Climate and Cryosphere Project
V.Rachold- CliC-IASC
V.Rachold- The Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON)
M.Sparrow-Status of the-Past Antarctic Ice Sheet Dynamics (PAIS) proposal
C.Fierz-The International Association of Cryospheric Sciences (IACS)
T.Busalacchi, G.Asrar-World Climate Research Program-Climate Science for Decisions
M.Sparrow-Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) An International Scientific Partnership
V. Rachold- International Arctic Science Committee
Workshop on Ice at the Interface: Atmosphere-Ice-Ocean Boundary Layer Processes and Their Role in Polar Change" 2012
SCAR Newsletter 30 Oct2012
Global Framework for Climate Services, Interview with Jeremiah Lengoasa WMO 2009
Report of the Nineteenth Session of the WMO-IOC-UNEP-ICSU Steering Committee for GCOS 2011
Bipolar Action Group II report 2012
Report of the 8th Session of CliC SSG 2012
CAPER White Paper (CArbon and PERmafrost)
IASC newsletter summer 2012
Report from IICWG workshop on sea ice modeling and data assimilation 2007
Report of the fifth session of the WCRP/SCAR IPAB Participants 2005
Annual Review of the World Climate Research Programme and Report of the Twenty-Eight Session of the Joint Scientific Committee 2007
Proposal for an ACSYS, 1990
Report from ACSYS SSG1 1992