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Nowicki, S. M., A. Payne, E. Larour, et al. 2016. "Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project (ISMIP6) contribution to CMIP6." Geoscientific Model Development 9 (12): 4521-4545 [10.5194/gmd-9-4521-2016]

[ Goelzer, H., Nowicki, S., Edwards, T., Beckley, M., Abe-Ouchi, A., Aschwanden, A., Calov, R., Gagliardini, O., Gillet-

Chaulet, F., Golledge, N. R., Gregory, J., Greve, R., Humbert, A., Huybrechts, P., Kennedy, J. H., Larour, E., Lipscomb,

W. H., Le clec'h, S., Lee, V., Morlighem, M., Pattyn, F., Payne, A. J., Rodehacke, C., Rückamp, M., Saito, F., Schlegel,

25 N., Seroussi, H., Shepherd, A., Sun, S., van de Wal, R., and Ziemen, F. A.: Design and results of the ice sheet model

initialisation experiments initMIP-Greenland: an ISMIP6 intercomparison, The Cryosphere, 12, 1433-1460,

doi:10.5194/tc-12-1433-2018, 2018.]