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ISMASS Downloads

This album contains documents important to the Ice Sheet Mass Balance and Sea Level Group sponsored by SCAR, IASC and CliC.

Presesentations, videos, and other info from the 2012 ISMASS Kick-off Workshop can be found here.

Glacial Isostatic Adjustment
imbie -2 Mass Balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet from 1992 to 2017
Challenges in making useful projections of the future sea-level contributions of ice sheets
Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets under a 1.5°C global warming
Update on mass balance of Greenland and Antarctica (linkages between data and models)
Antarctic Ice Sheets surface mass balance data-model links
F Pattyn: SCAR/IASC/CliC Ice Sheet Mass Balance and Sea Level (ISMASS)
ISMASS Presentation on Remaining Design Questions
ISMASS Presentation on Logistics for Participants
Summary of the ISMASS Workshop on the Marine Ice Sheet and Ice Shelf-Ocean Model Intercomparison Projects
ISMASS Presentation on Future Directions
ISMASS Presentation on Experimental Design
MISOMIP Workshop at IGS Meeting Information, August2015
ISMASS Workshop on the Marine Ice Sheet and Ice Shelf‐Ocean Model Intercomparison Projects Agenda
Draft GrIS SMB Action Plan
Summary from the 2014 ISMASS Steering Committee Meeting
ISMASS minutes 2013
ISMASS Terms of Reference
Nature Article on Ice-sheet Mass Balance and Climate Change
EHanna- Ice Sheet Mass balance work (ISMASS)
Summary of the Ice-Sheet Mass balance and sea level (ISMASS) 2012 Workshop