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G Vieira: Permafrost and Remote Sensing in Western Antarctic Peninsula


This presentation was held at the DUE Permafrost 2014 workshop, 11 Febuary 2014, Frascati, Italy

Vieira, Gonçalo[1], Mora C, Pina P, Bandeira L, Catalão J, Martin-Herrera J, Calviño-Cancela M, Schaefer C, Bockheim J, Goyanes G, Ramos M
[1]University of Lisbon, Lisbon Portugal

The Western Antarctic Peninsula (WAP) is one of the Earth’s regions where warming has been largest since the 1950’s with consequences on glaciers, ice-shelves and sea ice. However, changes on the permafrost have been poorly documented. Vieira et al (2010) show that low altitude permafrost in the WAP is close to 0 ºC. Bockheim et al (2013) indicate that permafrost has warmed in the Palmer archipelago region, being absent at low altitude. Our team maintains a network of GTN-P and CALM-S observatories from Palmer to King George Island and conducts environmental monitoring. Data is used as ground truthing for a wider spatial analysis using remote sensing. Currently we are using SAR for snow-cover mapping, DInSAR for rockglacier deformation, high resolution optical imagery for land classification, hyperspectral imagery analysis, as well as ultra-high resolution surveying using UAVs. In this presentation we provide an overview of most recent findings and perpectives.

Keywords: Permafrost and climate change, remote sensing, Antarctic Peninsula, geomorphodynamics.


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