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L Wang: Using remote sensing for the monitoring and modeling of permafrost decline in northern Quebec


This presentation was held at the DUE Permafrost 2014 workshop, 12th of Febuary 2014, Frascati, Italy


Wang, Lingxiao
Deparment of Geography, University of Muinch, Munich Germany

The test site is located around the Inuit village of Umiujaq (56°33’ N, 76°33’ W), Northern Quebec, Canada, dominated by discontinuous permafrost.The ability to form long-term deformation using radar data stacks from RADARSAT-1/-2 and TerraSAR-X with D-InSAR technique over discontinuous permafrost will be studied. Once the longtime-series surface deformation is achieved, long-term trends and evolutions of permafrost could be evaluated under current climate situation. We propose to use hydrological model (WasiM) with its “temperature and heat transport module” to map permafrost’s thermal state. The modeled active-layer thickness will also be compared with field observations, degradation trends driven by INSAR technique, and other studies to demonstrate its performance. Calibrated model will be used to explore the possible dynamics of permafrost in the second half of 21st century.

Keywords: permafrost decline, remote sensing, differential InSAR, model, active layer


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