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AFS Stockholm Notes May 2014


Arctic Freshwater Synthesis Meeting in Stockholm, 4‐6 May 2014
Hosted by the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat

Terry Prowse – Chair (via video link)
Johanna Mård Karlsson – Co‐chair
Arvid Bring – Co‐chair
John Walsh – Scientific advisor
Timo Vihma ‐ Atmosphere
James Screen ‐ Atmosphere
Michiyo Yamamato ‐ Kawai ‐ Oceans
Eddy Carmack ‐ Oceans (via video link)
Irina Fedorova – Terrestrial hydrology
Margareta Johansson – Terrestrial ecology
Fred Wrona – Terrestrial ecology
Arne Instanes – Water resources
Vasily Kokorev – Water resources
Marika Holland ‐ Modelling
Camille Lique ‐ Modelling

WCRP Africa Newsletter Nov 2012
(Media / WCRP Africa Newsletter Nov 2012)
The first issue of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) Africa Newsletter is dedicated to short notes from the fellows of the fellowship scheme of the DFID-Met Office Climate Science Research Partnership (CSRP) for Africa. The CSRP fellows where invited to contribute short articles...
4th European Conference on Permafrost
(Media / 4th European Conference on Permafrost)
1st Circular - call for session proposals for the 4th European Conference on Permafrost – IPA Regional Conference (EUCOP4), held in Évora, Portugal from 18 to 21 June 2014. The conference will cover all aspects of permafrost research, engineering and outreach and will have a Global scope,...
Cryosphere Organization Dec 2012 Meeting Notes
(Media / Cryosphere Organization Dec 2012 Meeting Notes)
In a continuing effort to better coordinate international activities within cryosphere research, avoid duplication of efforts and combine resources, the leaders of various cryosphere organizations met during the Fall 2012 AGU meeting in San Francisco, CA, USA. The agenda of the meeting revolved...

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