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ESA-CliC Earth Observation and Arctic Science Priorities


The European Space Agency and the Climate and Cryosphere project are pleased to present the publication of “Earth Observation and Arctic Science Priorities”. This report resulted from several consultations with the cryosphere community including a workshop held in January at the Fram Centre in Tromsø, Norway. More information on the meeting, including presentations, can be found here:

The outcome of the meeting and its conclusions will contribute to guide scientific activities on Arctic research, including ESA’s programmatic priorities for the time frame 2017-2021. Despite not covering all components of the Arctic cryosphere, discussions covered a fairly large spectrum of research areas where EO may contribute.

We thank the workshop participants and many others in the cryosphere community who contributed substantially to this report.

Citation: Baeseman, J and D.Fernandez Prieto Eds. 2015. ESA-CliC Earth Observation and Arctic Science Priorities. Zenodo. 10.5281/zenodo.27538


The list of contributors is listed in the document. Unfortunately the following were accidentally omitted. We also thank them for their contributions:

Alexander Klepikov
Rob Massom
François Massonnet
Paul Overduin
Boris K. Biskaborn
Guido Grosse
Hugues Lantuit

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