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Report on the Hydrology Models Intercomparison Planning Meeting 1999


Report and Participantlist on the Hydrology Models Intercomparison Planning Meeting, held in Koblenz, Germany, from 27-28 March 1999. WCRP Informal Report Nr. 12/1999.

The ACSYS/GHP Hydrological Modelling Workshop held in Quebec City, Canada from 25-27 August 1998 recommended that an intercomparison of hydrological models be planned with the objective of identifying the capabilities of models to simulate high latitude water and energy cycles. It was suggested that a small working group be formed jointly by ACSYS and GEWEX to develop a science plan for the intercomparison. The suggested meeting took place in Koblenz, Germany from 27-29 March 1999. Appendix A contains a list of the meeting participants. The meeting examined:
(1) the feasibility and desirability of study areas for the proposed intercomparison, and
(2) the structure of the intercomparison and participating models.
This report summarizes the strategy developed by the participants at the Koblenz 1999 meeting, and constitutes an Experiment Plan for the proposed intercomparison. The project will take place in a phased approach, and will be modeled after the WCRP/GEWEX Project for Intercomparison of Land-surface Parameterizations (PILPS) 2c experiment. Dr. Dennis Lettenmaier at the University of Washington has agreed to coordinate Phase 1, which will utilize data from the Torne River basin in Sweden. Phases 2 and 3, planning for which will depend on the outcome of Phase 1, would tentatively utilize data from GEWEX Continental Scale Experiments in the Mackenzie River basin (MAGS) and the Lena River basin (GAME-Siberia).

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