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Draft GrIS SMB Action Plan
ESM-SnowMIP Simulation Protocol
Frostbyte G Tanski: Permafrost carbon degradation at the land-ocean-interface
FrostByte X Fettweis: Modeling of the Greenland ice sheet surface mass balance with the regional MAR model
FrostByte R Hock: Worldwide glacier wastage - Implications for sea level and streamflow
S Seneviratne: LS3MIP Overview & status (+ LandMIPworkshop)
Draft IMBER Science Plan and Implementation Strategy
FrostByte J Jones: Understanding the Southern Hemisphere Westerlies
FrostByte P Wyszynski: Variability of the Russian Arctic and Subarctic Climate in the last three hundred years
FrostByte C Treat: Detecting permafrost aggradation in peatland ecosystems to understand the effects on climate
FrostByte J Strauss: Organic carbon stocks in ice-rich permafrost of the Yedoma region
FrostByte K Saito: Permafrost sub-system in the Earth’s eco-climate system
I Fedorova: Arctic terrestrial hydrology: A synthesis of processes, change drivers, and research challenges
T Vihma: The Arctic atmospheric water cycle: processes, past and future changes, and their impacts
A Instanes: Changes to freshwater systems affecting Arctic infrastructure and natural resources
M Johannson: Arctic hydrological change: Major implications for terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems
Application for CMIP6-Endorsed MIPs: Land Surface, Snow and Soil Moisture (LS3MIP)
C Wilkinson: Historic Meteorological Observations for the Southern Ocean
C Wilkinson: Sources of Historic Sea Ice Observations in the Southern Ocean
2015 Toyama Conference Statement
G Flato: CryosphereGrand Challenge: “Melting Ice–Global Consequences”
G Krinner: CliC: Climate and Cryosphere - Annual Report for JSC
WMO Sea-Ice Nomenclature
2010 WMO Sea Ice Information Services In The World
Large-scale climate variability in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean over decades to centuries, and links to extra-polar climate workshop report
U Zajaczkovski: Mean temperature and salinity in the Southern Ocean from Argo- Characterizing the contemporary state as a benchmark for evaluating past change
R Wilson: The Southern Blues: Enhancing the dendro archive for climate reconstruction in the Southern Hemisphere
T Vance: Reconstructing the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation from the Law Dome ice core
D Swingedouw: Impact of freshwaterrelease in the SouthernOcean on the Atlantic
A Orsi: A review of temperature proxies on the Antarctic ice sheet
H Goose: Towards a coupled reanalysis in the Southern Ocean covering the last centuries
H Diamond: Effect of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) on Trends in Antarctic Sea Ice Extent
I Eisenman: A Spurious Jump in the Satellite Record: Has Antarcic Sea Ice Expansion Been Overestimated?
D Schneider: Comparing the impacts of tropical variability and stratospheric ozone loss on the Southern Ocean westerly winds
J Jones: Potential for logbook-based Southern Annular Mode reconstruction
D Charman: Antarctic moss banks as a new source of terrestrial palaeoclimatedata
P Canziani: Looking for multidecadal variability in the 110-year Orcadas temperature records
N Abram: Characteristics of environmental variability in the Antarctic Peninsula region
I Eisenman: Satellite measurements of sea ice
X Crosta: Palaeoclimaterecords of decadal-centennial sea ice change around Antarctica
I Goodwin: Centennial Scale Ocean Proxies
C DeLavergne: Changes in Antarctic Bottom Water: vestiges of past climate shifts in Antarctica?
S Gille: Change in the upper ocean: The instrumental record for the Southern Ocean
D Swingedouw: Ice-ocean interactions and the role of freshwater input
R Fogt: Tropical-Polar Interactions from a Modeling Perspective
M England: Influence of the winds and the Southern Annular Mode on Antarctic climate
C DeLavergne: The Southern Ocean in CMIP5: mean state and response to forcing
B Stenni: Isotopic records from ice cores and past snow accumulation rates in Antarctica
J Renwick: Tropical influences on Antarctica
J Jones: Station-based SAM index reconstructions
R Fogt: A Review of Recent Antarctic and Tropic Atmosphere Variability, and their Connections
Frostbyte ICARP III - Arctic Snow Cover Changes and their Consequences
FrostByte ICARP III - Where are they now?
FrostByte R Hall: Sea Ice and the north Atlantic jetstream
FrostByte ICARP III - Circumpolar Arctic Coastal Communities Observatory Network - CACCON
1st International Conference on Regional Climate: CORDEX 2016 announcement
ISMIP 6 Application for CMIP6-Endorsed MIPs
2015 Instrumentation for Polar Glaciology and Geophysics Research (IPGGR) Workshop
FrostByte I Goodwin: Reconstructing Marine Winds, Ocean Wave Climate and Sea Level
FrostByte C de Lavergne: Open-ocean convection in the Weddell Sea
FrostByte A Morrison: Will there be another Weddell Polynya?
ISMIP6 Black and White Logo with no text
ISMIP6 Gray Scale Logo
ISMIP6 Blue Colored Logo
ISMIP6 2 Color Logo
ISMIP6 Multi Color Logo
ISMIP6 Black and White Logo
CliC Scientific Steering Group 11 Meeting Report
Frostbyte ICARP III - Permafrost Young Researchers Workshop
FrostByte R Wilson: The Southern Blues: Enhancing the dendro archive for climate reconstruction in the Southern Hemisphere
1st International Satellite Snow Products Intercomparison Workshop (ISSPI-1) Report
FrostByte B Stenni: Water stable isotope records from Antarctic ice cores: the past 2000 years
AFS SC & Funders online meeting
FrostByte K Clem: ENSO vs. PDO relationships with recent Southern Ocean circulation changes
2014 CliC Annual Report
Summary from the 2014 ISMASS Steering Committee Meeting
FrostByte T Pavlova: Cryosphere in CMIP5 simulations: an assessment of current state and projected changes over the 21st century
CMIP6 Sea Ice MIP Variables Proposal - Excel Table
CMIP6 SIMIP Variables Proposal - PDF
AFSTerrestrial Hydrology Schematic
Notes from the February 23 Terrestrial Hydrology teleconference
Notes from the February 5 Terrestrial Hydrology teleconference
Notes from the January 19 Terrestrial Hydrology teleconference
J Renwick: EC-PORS
J Kay: Polar Climate Feedbacks
G Flato: CliC SSG 11
D Dahl-Jensen: Greenland Ice Sheet
D Lawrence: Permafrost in ESMs
W Meier: WDAC
R Hock: IACS
M Patterson: US CLIVAR
M Serreze: NSIDC
L Hinzman: IASC
M Holland: PPP and YOPP
J Alexander: SPARC
J Key: GCW
D Bromwich: SCAR
D Carlson: WCRP
C Deser: Climate Data Guide