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What is Paleoclimate MIP to Ice MIP
Ice Sheet MIP for CMIP6 Group Photo
Understanding the Dynamic Response of Greenland’s Marine Terminating Glaciers to Oceanic and Atmospheric Forcings
Permafrost Conference in Potsdam 2016-4
Permafrost Conference in Potsdam 2016-2
FrostByte J Feldmann: Investigating ice-sheet stability
FrostByte J Ahlkrona: Computer simulations of Ice Sheet Flow
PEI Master Class on Natural and Anthropogenic Climate Impacts Flyer
Terrestrial Ecology Writing Team Meeting Report, Oct 6-9, 2014
FrostByte I Vankova: Calving and Fjord Dynamics
Permafrost Research Priorities Submitted Questions
Frostbyte S Natali: Permafrost, carbon and climate change
Terrestrial Hydrology Component Outline - Sept. 14-16, 2014 Writing Team Meeting
2014 Permafrost Young Researchers Evora Workshop Report
FrostByte Z Li: Open the door to travel in polar areas
Frostbyte C Ke: Remote sensing of snow and ice
Permafrost Young Researchers Workshop (PYRW) 2014 - report
Frostbyte T Vihma: Effects of Arctic climate change on mid latitudes
Frostbyte A Aschwanden: The Parallel Ice Sheet Model
Frostbyte R Hall: Drivers of North Atlantic Jet Stream Variability, 1870-2014
FrostByte, E Hanna: The Jet Stream and Greenland Warming
Frostbyte G Durand: Marine ice sheet instability and Antarctic contribution to sea-level rise
G Flato: Cryo-Grand Challenge report JSC 2014
G Flato: CliC report JSC 2014
IPA-CliC Survey on Permafrost Research Priorities
Permafrost Research Priorities Questionnaire - MS Word
ASPeCt-report 2014
AFS-teleconference 0707-2014
Frostbyte H. Goezler: Projecting the future of future ice sheet projections
Frostbyte M Vizcaino: Interactive ice sheets in global climate models
Permafrost Research Priorities - Process
IPA E&O standing committee meeting report
PCPI report to WCRP-2014
Final Report WWRP-PPP-YPM-2
THAW Workshop Report
THAW-APECs members
Minutes of 2nd Polar Cordex meeting (Lund, June 17, 2014)
CliC logo - grayscale
CliC logo - best for web
CliC logo - large
CliC logo in black and white
CliC PowerPoint Template
PALSEA2 Workshop Report for CliC
Report: Field Workshop-Tidewater Glaciers
Snow in CCC - telecon
FrostByte B de Fleurian: Subgracial hydrology modeling for ice dynamic purpose
Supporting-Docs SOOS-SSC2014
Permafrost Research Priorities Business Cards
2014-04-22 Permafrost Research Priorities Core Group Meeting
International Council for Science
Frostbyte D Olefeldt: Mapping thermocast pre-disposition at the pan-arctic scale
DUE Innovators3
Poster Permafrost Research Priorities EGU 2014
Notes from AFS telecon 2014-06-02
AFS Cross-component summary May 2014
Information for AFS Stockholm meeting May 2014
AFS Zero order drafts
AFS Examples for Cross-Component Dialogues
AFS Stockholm Notes May 2014
FrostByte J Ely: Flowstripes and Longitudinal Foliations of the Antarctic Ice Sheet
Frostbyte I. Vankova: Glacier-Ocean Interactions: Calving
FrostByte V Emetc: Antarctic Mass Balance: Integration of modeling and observation
Arctic Fresh water Synthesis AGU meeting
AFS Teleconference October 2013
AFS Synthesis notes November 2013
AFS Teleconference June 2013
Arctic Freshwater Budgets teleconference call February 2013
AFS Teleconference May 2013
Frostbyte L. B. Marchesini: Assessment of the Net Ecosystem Carbon Balance of a NE Siberian tundra
FrostByte G Seyerl: Dynamics of land based Ice Sheets
Frostbyte B Radosavljevic: Coastal Change, Sediment and Carbon Dynamics of the Arctic Shoreface
Frostbyte E Jantze: Carbon transport in sub-arctic streams
ISMASS minutes 2013
ISMASS Terms of Reference
FrostByte L Lescarmontier: Antarctica mass balance: from the satellite to the field
S Mernild: South American CliC Thoughts
H Rott: Satellite Observations on Glacier Inventory and Volume Change
A Rinke: Polar Cordex
A Jahn: CliC Sea ice and climate modeling forum
D Notz: Understanding Sea Ice
G Krinner: ESM-Snow model intercomparison project
E Larour: Ice Sheet Modeling
D Holland: CliC Targeted Activity: West Antarctica Glacier-Ocean Modelling
A Slepikov: Overview of Russian activity related to CliC
D Perovich: CliC Working Group on Arctic Sea Ice
L Hinzman: Arctic Freshwater Synthesis
E Hanna: Linkage between Arctic Climate Change and Mid-Latitude Weather Extremes
T Schuur: Vulnerability of Permafrost Carbon Research Coordination Network (RCN)