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Frostbyte O Marsh: Ice Thickness at ice rises around Antarctica derived from satellite interferometry
Frostbyte K Christianson: Whillans Ice Stream Subglacial Access Research Drilling: Surface Geophysics
Frostbyte M Philippe: Constraining ice mass changes in Antarctica
Frostbyte B Van Liefferinge: Are ice rises cold or warm based? Consequences for their flow regime
Frostbyte J Kingslake: Three-dimensional velocity structure of ice rises measured using phase-sensitive radar
Frostbyte C Borstad: Weakening contract between ice shelves and ice rises caused by fractures
Frostbyte K Riverman: Why is there fast ice flow on NE Greenland, and how will it impact sea level rise??
Report of the WCRP-JSC-34
Frostbyte G Henderson: Naval Academy Ice EXperiment
Arctic Freshwater Synthesis teleconference Notes: 2013 June 17
Frostbyte B Sannel: Thermokarst lake dynamics in permafrost peatlands during recent decades
Frostbyte T Hollands: Satellite Observations of Polynias
Report of the 8th Session CLIVAR/CliC/SCAR Southern Ocean Panel
Frostbyte M Shupe: Mixed-Phase Cloud Properties and Processes
Frostbyte J Vonk: Permafrost carbon on its journey from land-to-ocean
Frostbyte T Kiik: Ice Studies in the Russian Empire in the 19th Century
Inuit Circumpolar Council Atlas launch
Earth Observation and Cryosphere Science: The Way Forward
2013 Norway Sea Ice Workshop Report
PAGES news - Investigating Past Interglacials: An Integrative Approach
SCAR NewsletterJuly 2013
Frostbyte J King: Sea Ice tracking from SAR in the Arctic
WCRP Ozone Depletion in the Southern Hemisphere Workshop Report 2013
Nature Article on Ice-sheet Mass Balance and Climate Change
Permafrost Carbon Network May 2013 Meeting Report
Arctic Freshwater Synthesis Notes: 2013 May 13
Arctic Freshwater Synthesis Notes: 2013 Apr 18
IASC Progress summer 2013
Witness the Arctic - Spring 2013
AJahn - Observational Large Scale Sea Ice Modeling Needs
DPerovich - CliC Sea Ice Modeling and Observing Workshop Goals
JWilkinson - Arctic Sea Ice Observing Network and Field Campaigns
SAckley - Antarctic Sea Ice Observing and Field Campaigns
KDethloff - Regional Approaches for Arctic Sea Ice Modeling Needs
LTPedersen - Sea Ice Observations (for Data Assimilation)
NHughes - Stakeholder Needs
ØGodøy - Data Archiving, Accessibility, and Dissemination
HEicken - Seasonal to Interannual Forecasting Needs
International Coordination to Improve Studies of Changes in Arctic Sea Ice Cover
CliC Arctic Sea Ice Group Workshop: Action Items (2011)
Satellite-derived Sea Ice Products Community Workshop Report
WDAC 2 report
Costa Deliziosa in Greenland
Greenland icy waters
IASC Progress Spring 2013
CliC Presentation for CLIVAR 2013 SSG
2013 Agreement between CliC, SCAR, and IASC
Session 4-National activities and international programmes not covered in previous talks
KHeywood-Role of isotopes and tracer measurements
ABowen-Tethered ROV
AJenkins- Role of AUV
MDzieciuch-Acoustic tomography
WMunk-Acoustic probing of the ocean wedge under an ice sheet
LBoehme-Combining Argo and seal data
MHindell-Using tagged animals to measure the ocean under sea ice
SPiotrowicz- Argo plans
OBoebel- Acoustic tracking of profiling floats
SRiser and BOwens-Strategies for deployments in the sea-ice zone
SAckley- Sea-ice drifters
KNicholls- Moornings and bore holes - new technologies
KHeywood- Gliders, drifters, moornings
CLee- Gliders under ice
BGalton-Fenzi-Observations needed for testing high res models of ocean-ice shelf interaction
BGalton-Fenzi-Quantifying contributions to the Southern Ocean freshwater balance
DHolland-What is needed to measure ocean-ice shelf interaction?
KNicholls-Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf processes
LHerraiz-Borreguero-Lessons from AMISOR
AJenkins & AWahlin-Ocean-ice shelf interactions in the Amundsen/Bellingshausen
SRintoul- Polynya Observations
AOrsi- Observation of the Ross Sea
MMata-NW Weddell Sea
SØsterhus-Measuring continental shelf waters
OBoebel-A straw-man observing system
SRiser-Under ice observing system for the Ross Sea
SAckley-- What measurements do we need to understand Antarctic sea ice
ANGarabato - Observing heat and freshwater budgets of the Southern Ocean sea ice zone
JToole-Lessons from the Arctic Observing System: Ice Tethered Profilers - Arctic lessons and Antarctic potential
SRintoul- Seeing under the ice: a strategy for observing the Southern Ocean beneath sea ice and ice shelves
MDrinkwater- Watch this Space: Recent ESA Cryospheric Science Highlights.pdf
BDiekmann- Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI): An Introduction.pdf
GAsrar- The Role of Climate Science in Global Development.pdf
SCAR Travel Claim form
IASC Travel Claim Form and Workshop requirements
What A Few Sea Ice Researchers in Norway Think - Survey Says
TILarsen- Norwegian Coast Guard
BKvingedal- Statoil
NHughes- Norwegian Ice Service
Short presentations of Participants/Lab Groups/Institutions
LBertino- The TOPAZ forecasting system
GSpreen- Three pressing research questions regarding sea ice remote sensing
GSpreen- Sea ice remote sensing
AMarchenko- Sea ice mechanics problems: recent experimental studies and modeling
SGerland- An (incomplete) View on Sea Ice Science in Norway
JBaeseman- Understanding the Changing Cryosphere and Its Climate Connections
NHughes- Introduction Norwegian Ice Service
RTonboe- Uncertainty estimates in the EUMETSAT sea ice re-processing of satellite microwave radiometer data
TLavergne- Investigating the observation error covariance matrix of sea ice concentration datasets