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CMelsheimer- Remote Sensing of Snow Depth on sea-ice
LBrucker- Sea ice concentration retrieval uncertainty from the NASA Team 2 algorithm
GHeygster-Checking Geolocation of SICCI RRDP
TCarrieres- Assimilation of passive microwave data within an automated sea ice analysis system
LToudalPedersen- An integrated retrieval of ice/ocean and atmosphere parameters
RTonboe- Brightness temperature simulations
NIvanova- Results of algorithm Intercomparison in the SICCI project
ABeitsch- Comparison of SSM/I Sea Ice Concentrations with ASPeCt Ship Observations around Antarctica
IJónsdóttir- Comparison of in-situ ice observations and passive microwave imagery / Sea-ice concentration
GHeygster- A thin ice dataset for SICCI
LToudalPedersen- A validation dataset for the SICCI project
NIvanova- Implementation of 20 algorithms for comparison in the SICCI project
MShokr- ECICE: an algorithm to estimate ice types and concentrations
WMeier- NSIDC/NOAA sea ice concentration climate data record
SSandven- Introduction to the Sea Ice CCI project
Agenda for 2nd International Workshop on Passive Microwave Sea Ice Concentration
Observational needs for sea ice models
BDiekmann- Introduction to the Alfred Wegener Institute.video
GAsrar- The Role of Climate Services in Global Development.video
VRachold- International Cryospheric Research in the Arctic.video
MSparrow- A View Beyond the Horizon: Future Directions in Antarctic Science.video
GFlato- CliC and Its Role in WCRP.video
VKattsov- Cryosphere in a Changing Climate.video
DDahl-Jensen- The Past and Future of the Greenland Ice Sheet.video
KDethloff- Arctic Climate System Modeling from an Atmospheric Perspective.video
HLantuit- Permafrost and Climate Change.video
NKoc- Arctic Sea Ice & Freshwater Outflows; Status, Prospects and Impact.video
36th issue of IPA newsletter Frozen Ground
3rd issue of Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) Update
2012 Dec Arctic Freshwater Budget Initial Meeting
WCRP March 2013 issue
CliC Funding Request Form
CliC Funding Request Guidelines
Cryosphere Organization Dec 2012 Meeting Notes
Witness the Arctic - Winter 2013 issue
TJung- The WWRP Polar Prediction Project
AKlepikov- SOP and SOOS
PWagner- International Ice Charting Working Group (IICWG)
HRott- Satellite techniques for observing global glacier mass balance
TShepherd- Stratospheric Processes And their Role in Climate (SPARC)
AGU Cryosphere Fall 2012 Newsletter
IceBits Winter 2012-2013
ELarour- Towards a Cryosphere Modeling Conference Forum ISSM Workshop Report
ELarour- Towards an Inter-comparison framework for Ice Sheet Models
DHolland- Antarctic Regional Outlet Glacier-Icean Modeling
EHanna- Ice Sheet Mass balance work (ISMASS)
LHinzman- Freshwater Budget Of The Polar Regions: A Proposed CliC Collaborative Assessment
MDrinkwater- ESA and Relations with WCRP-CliC
AJahn- Sea ice model evaluation
VKattsov- Sea ice model evaluation
JOverland- Summer Arctic Sea Ice Loss
ARinke- Polar regional Earth system models
MSparrow-SCAR Research-CliC relevant activities
VRachold- IASC presentation at CliC SSG9
PvOevelen-Golbal Energy and Water Exchanges
GAsrar-WCRP progress and Plans
NKoc- Arctic sea ice and freshwater outflows- status, prospects and impact.pdf
HLantuit- Permafrost and climate change.pdf
GFlato- CliC and its role in WCRP.pdf
MSparrow- A view beyond the Horizon: Future directions in Antarctic Science.pdf
TShepherd- WCRP Polar Climate Predictability Initiative
JKey- A Global Cryosphere Watch
VRyabinin- International Polar Initiative
VKattsov- Cryosphere In a Changing Climate- A Grand Challenge Of Climate Science
JBaeseman- CIPO update
CXiao- Asia CliC in 2011-12 and near future
TOhata- CliC related activities in Japan and Asia-CliC
VRomanovsky- Carbon and Permafrost (CAPER)
SGerland- CliC Arctic Sea Ice Working Group
MRaphael- ASPeCt report
GFlato- CliC: Introduction and Context
SPARC Kyoto workshop 2013-2nd Circular
Prospectus for SOOS Asian workshop
Final Implementation Plan for the WWRP Polar Prediction Project
IPI Brief and Concept for CliC SSG9 Potsdam
SSG9 Print agenda final
4th European Conference on Permafrost
CliC SSG9 DRAFT Agenda 2013-01-17 - Updated
Policy Implications of Warming Permafrost
Brief Report 19 NPI
Call for Proposals 2013 for International Teams in Space and Earth Sciences International Space Science Institute (ISSI)
Future Earth Newsletter - January 2013
CliC Priorities and Activities DRAFT 2013-01-10
WCRP Cryosphere in a Changing Climate Grand Challenge - Draft
International Polar Initative Concept Paper 2012-Oct-11
MoU between CliC and the International Permafrost Association (2012)
SCAR Newsletter 31 Dec 2012
IASC Progress Christmas 2012
Comments from CliC on the WWRP Polar Prediction Project and draft of plan
Summary of the Ice-Sheet Mass balance and sea level (ISMASS) 2012 Workshop
Arctic Report Card 2012
NChampollion- Hoar crystal development and disappearance at Dome C, Antarctica: observation by near-infrared photography and passive microwave satellite
MZygmuntowska- Waveform analysis of Ku-Band radar altimeter data over arctic sea ice