ISMIP6 Coupled Ice Sheet Climate Experiments

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This page holds information specifically of relevance to the groups conducting the coupled AOGCM-ISM experiments.


The published ISMIP6 description (Nowicki et al, GMD 2016) lays out four experiments for coupled AOGCM-ISM models to complete, which directly parallel other CMIP6 experiments with standalone AOGCMs and ISMIP6 runs with standalone ISMs (see table at main ISMIP6 wiki page).

Tier New ISMIP6 CMIP6 exp. (Coupled AOGCM-ISM)
1 Pre-Industrial Control (piControl-withism)
1 1% yr-1 CO2 to quadrupling CO2 (1pctCO2to4x-withism)
2 ScenarioMIP SSP5-8.5 up to year 2300 (ssp585-withism)
2 CMIP6 Historical Simulation (historical-withism)

However, at the ISMIP6 meeting in Sassenheim it was decided that the standalone ISMs would use a baseline of 1970-2000 as their control period, rather than the pre-industrial. Depending on their initialisation methods, AOGCM-ISM modellers may thus also wish to run their Tier 1 experiments relative to a late 20th century climatology, and omit the historical-withism simulation entirely


Notes from a discussion at the ISMIP6 Sassenheim meeting between representatives of UKESM, CESM, MPI-ESM, MIROC_ESM, EC-Earth and other interested parties.

If you'd like to be involved in further group communications about the coupled AOGCM-ISM models, please email: